Open research, open engineering, and the role of the university in society


Devin R. Berg


engrXiv Preprints


This is a white paper submitted as part of the joint NIH/NSF-funded event, “Imagining Tomorrow’s University: Rethinking scholarship, education, and institutions for an open, networked era”, to be held March 8th and 9th in Rosemont, IL. In this paper I present my personal (not my employer’s) thoughts and reflections on the role that open research can play in defining the purpose and activities of the university. I have made some specific recommendations on how I believe the public university can recommit and push the boundaries of its role as the creator and promoter of public knowledge. In doing so, serving a vital role to the continued economic, social, and technological development of society. I have also included some thoughts on how this applies specifically to my field of engineering and how a culture of openness and sharing within the engineering community can help drive societal development.


Preprint: 10.31224/